Johnathan Human blends mysticism and hip hop, with "the passion of Tupac and message of Rumi" his performances are designed to elevate consciousness and expand the hearts circumference. He has published two books and released two cds, One Verse, and Poetry On Answering Machines. He is currently in the process of completing his third album Writing While Driving.

He is the founder of Project Empathy, an international documentary to raise compassionate awareness, and Evolutionary Poetics a national collective of lyricists who are united in the movement of evolving consciousness through music and poetry.

Johnathan began traveling the world at age 16 in a quest of internal and external discovery. By 18 his adventures lead to the creation of Project Empathy. He has washed cars in Mexico and sold Mangos in Colombia. Whether interviewing religious and spiritual leaders, or sleeping on dirt floor huts of families through out Asia and Latin America his experience has been diverse and multifaceted. Johnathan has worked in the fields of health and wellness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, finance and banking, music, event organizing and management.